Woodlice Don’t Like The Light…

June 5th, 2011 by Ray Burman Leave a reply »

Woodlice hiding

If you have ever turned over a stone or log in your garden you would most probably have seen a few Woodlice scurrying away for cover….

Its the direct sunlight that they really don’t like.  If you want to test this theory out for yourself then put some Woodlice in a small plastic container and then put something over one half, to create a shaded area.

You will soon notice them all scurrying to the shaded bit.  Move the shaded bit a couple of times to see them follow the shade.

Woodlice know whats best for them

Now even though there brains are tiny woodlice know that the light and sun, is not good for them:-

1) They are more exposed in the light to predators.

2) They will get dehydrated if they don’t find a nice cool damp place to live.

Its a shame we don’t take more heed of their example.  I always get caught out each spring by going out in the sun when my skin is still white as a sheet and get burnt. I thought our brains are a little bit bigger than the woodlice.

Different types of Woodlice

So woodlice have a natural tendency to hide from exposure, but some species of woodlice deal with this by rolling into a ball… There is also a related species that lives in the sea and it enormous (giant isopod), more than a foot long! Now you would be running for cover if you saw one of these scurrying across your kitchen floor!


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