Whats Your Favorite Insect?

February 6th, 2012 by Ray Burman Leave a reply »

We all have had a Favorite insect, while we were growing up.

My top 20 are these:-

  1. Puss moth caterpillar
  2. Ants of all types
  3. Frog hopper / Leaf hoppers
  4. Zebra spider
  5. Humming Bird Hawk Moth
  6. Ladybirds of all types
  7. Grasshoppers / Crickets
  8. Dragonfly’s / damselfly’s
  9. Bumble bee’s
  10. Caterpillars of all types
  11. Stag Beetle
  12. Red spider mite
  13. Stick insects
  14. Shield bugs
  15. Woodlice
  16. Snails
  17. pond skaters
  18. Whirligig beetles
  19. water boatman
  20. Centipedes

What is your favorite insect?  We all had a childhood favorite, do you still have one?

Please enter your favorite insect in the text box, this will help us to determine the insects that people are most interested in.  Thanks.


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