Wasps Nest In The Roof

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Wasps nest just starting

I noticed a few months ago the start of a wasps nest  in the corner of the roof of my home.  There had been one there before a couple of years back, and it didn’t really worry me at the time as it was high up and out of harms way…..

I thought to myself, they were just building there nest in the loft space and if I dont disturb the wasps they will be gone within a couple of months….


Wasps for dinner

Then I noticed a couple were flying around  in my dining room (that’s the dinning where I saw the pseudo scorpion )

I couldn’t understand how they got in the room which was downstairs well away from the nest, so I didn’t think much of it….

Then I went away on holiday and when I got back the dinning room had loads of dead wasps  littered around.   Now I was starting to get a bit worried….

I came to the conclusion that the wasps had managed to find a way inside the wall cavities.  Do you know that a large Wasps nest can hold between 6,000 and 10,000 Wasps!  GULP

I wasn’t going to take any more chances as I have a child of five, so decided to get an expert in to remove the Wasps nest.



Wasps nest spreads out if they have to

What I learned from this expert is that while some Wasps nests can be the standard round shaped ones, they can also spread out if there is only limited space.

This is what most probably happend in my case, the wasp nest had expanded right from the roof wall cavity to the downstairs one in the dinning room.

Its a little scary to think that there were thousands of wasps just a few feet away from where I am typing this article.


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