UK Spiders

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Small Green Spider

Small Green Spider

Everybody will have some experiences with spiders, that is because they are so numerous.

There are over 600 species of  UK spiders alone!

Unfortunately there are loads of people that have a big fear of them.  And this is most probably related to a bad experience with a large and fast hairy type.  We can all remember siting there in our front room just watching the TV, and then all of a sudden out of the corner of our eye we see something moving….   There are however plenty of small and very pretty species of UK spiders….

One of the most common species of UK spider, that is big and hairy is the common house spider.  It is the spider that you may find in your bath of sink from time to time. They don’t actually come up the plug hole, but usually fall from the ceiling and then get trapped.  I sure a few horror films will add to the fear related to this.

You may be surprised that House spiders do not do very well in our modern homes… This is because our heating systems tend to dry the air out, and this can eventually kill them.  They fair a lot better in garden shed’s where it is damp.

Most UK spiders are completly harmless, but there are a few that can give you quite a bite, this however is a pretty rare occurrence.  See False Widows

What I find amazing is the sheer variety of different UK spiders and their really interesting behaviors.

Each species has it own unique way of hunting for pray.

While we all know about the spider web, there are some species of spider than dont use a web to catch pray. See Zebra Spider.  However they will usually still use some web for other reasons….

Have you ever took the time to sit down an watch a spider create its Web?  Is it in my option a work of art.

One of our most common and large spiders is the Garden Spider

Interesting fact

While a lot of species of spider do build the more traditional web, the web they build actually uses more than one type of thread.

One is for the main structure of the web and is none stick and strong.  The other is sticky and is the used for the more intricate content of the web.

What I find quite amusing is even the spider could get stuck in it own web, but it knows to step over the sticky parts.

All this amazing behavior usually goes on right under our noses, and we don’t normally realize.


Some UK spiders can fly

Do you know that some species of spiders can fly?  Well they can, but not in the usual sense of using wings.

What they actually do to take to the air, is let a thread of there web stream out into the wind, and eventually the wind will catch this thread and pull the spider though the air.

It is a way they can use to move to another area to populate.  How did this behavior come about?


I will soon be adding some further information in UK spiders, so watch this space….


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