The Butterfly Effect

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What is the buttery effect?  Is it actually based on any reality?  Well if we talk about the natural world

butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect

I think we can say this effect exists.

We are now in a new era of discovery….Thanks to the latest research and new technical advances we can now start to see the inter dependencies that our world has.

While each organism looks to be a separate entity, it is in actuality unable to function or live separately…

While a spider may look to be solitary in its web, it requires a whole host of things to keep it alive, some are very apparent others are much less palpable, simply because we cannot see them with the our naked eye’s….

So if you think you are living alone, then please think again….

See article – Half human half bacteria

The truth is there is so much that we cant see, that goes on all around us, so it is quite possible that  simply standing on a beetle on one side of the world could create something on the other.  What that other may be I just dont know.

At the moment I dont think we have the combined computation power to simulate the whole world, so until then, I will attempt to shed some light on what we are starting to find out and its astonishing.  I will achieve this though the medium of a website.

You are not alone………………

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