Spot the bug

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Now can you see that little bug in the rose? (click on the picture for a closer view), I was just taking a picture of the rose and then on further inspection noticed this little green bug.  If you look closely you will see he is enjoying the nectar.

Spot the bug

Can you see the bug?

I thought it was an ideal example to show that you can find insect life almost everywhere you look even if you don’t always see them the first time around….

Fatal attraction

Flowers are perfect places to find insects as they are a great attraction to a whole host of insects for a whole number of reasons.

Mainly its a food source, but also it can be a hiding place for a predator like a spider, who will wait for some unsuspecting insect to drop by.

Spot the bug and more?

I will soon be doing some articles on very small forms of life, starting with the flea and working my way to bed bug sized creatures, then all the way down to micro life like bacteria.

See the article on Half human half bacteria to get you started.


Life is everywhere, and because we  just don’t see it we don’t realize its there.

Some would say they are thankful that we cant.  However I do want to see what is all around us.  However for us to see life this small we will require a powerful microscope….

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