Skater Walks On Water

June 6th, 2011 by Ray Burman Leave a reply »

We are talking about the Pond Skater here, it is a small miracle.

The Pond Skater  is able to actually skate on the surface of water!

Its able to do this because there is actually a very thin film on the surface of the water.

Pond skater

Pond skater

Food detection system

They are also able to detect ripples on the water surface, in a similar way as a spider feels the vibrations in its web.

The Pond Skater is able to determine the size of the thing causing these ripples and if they are of the correct size and frequency (like a struggling fly or ant would cause) the pond skater will use these vibrations to locate and sting the victim before sucking out their juices.

While they spend most of there time on the waters surface, they are also able to jump and also fly. There ability to fly enables them to locate small bodies of water on the wing, like you garden pond and make there home there.  I am unsure where they go when the weather deteriorates…

It still has to keep its wits about it

While this is a predatory insect, it will still fall prey to other animals both above and below the water, so it is not all plain sailing.

For instance a fish could attempt to come up from below and eat a pond skater or a dragonfly could attack from above.  This is a situation where they are able to jump out of trouble, if there quick enough…



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