Scorpion In My Dining Room

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Scorpion must have come out of a banana

I was sitting at my PC and I noticed something crawling on my wall.  I  looked closely and it closely resembled a Scorpion….

As this is something you wouldn’t normally expect to see in the UK, I quickly became very interested (panicked).  I decided to take a picture and ask for some expert advise on what this could actually be, I found a very helpful website and sent a mail with this very picture attached…..

Looks very much like a Scorpion to me

It wasn’t a Scorpion after all but a  pseudo-scorpion, so panic over.  This one was only three millimeter long after all.

These little critters are closely related to the Spider and are therefore in the Arachnid family. But as you can see here it has eight legs and two claws at the front.

Apparently there are over 20 species of pseudo-scorpions in the UK alone.

They can poison their pray with their claws (don’t worry they are  harmless to us), but haven’t got a stinging tail like a real Scorpion.

Always check because it may just be a scorpion after all

So next time you see one or something very similar on the wall, hopefully you will now  have a good idea of what it could be.  But just to be sure I wouldn’t touch it until you check with an expert like I did, because you just never know what can hitch a lift in your bananas…

Now where was I reading the other day that there were could be white sharks in the UK waters?


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