Rhododendron Leaf Hopper

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I was staying over a family friends for a couple of days and as they have a rather big garden (the size of a small park!) I thought I would take the opportunity to explore and see what I could see.

After quite a bit of looking around I noticed something very bright on a leaf of a very big shrub….

on further inspection I was able to see quite a few of these over the bush.

Rhododendron Leaf Hopper

Rhododendron Leaf Hopper

While leaf hoppers do look very much like frog hoppers, the Rhododendron Leaf hopper was able to jump from a leaf and then after a short flight, fly back to the Rhododendron bush.  This all occured in a couple of seconds!

So from my limited observations of Leaf Hoppers, they seem to have much more control over their flight and are therefore able to do some very impressive in fly maneuvers.

Unlike there frog hopping cousins, who seem to leap in a forward direction and then land wherever they land.



While they readily jump if you do get to close.  When they stay still they are very well camouflaged.  You can see in the picture that they have the same colors as the leaves and the pink colored strips the same a the stems on the leaves.

Not so good for the gardener

Unfortunately for the gardener Rhododendron Leaf hoppers can do a fair amount of damage to the Rhododendron and its buds.

Hopefully your Rhododendron wont have to many leaf hoppers on it, so you wont have to resort to insecticides.  Which would be a shame as they are very attractive bugs.



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