Puss Moth Caterpillar, Ouch!

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Finding the Puss moth caterpillar

Now I have to say that I have been trying to find a Puss moth caterpillar for quite while now.
I know that you can find them on certain types of tree, and I thought I had a good idea what they looked like…..

Anyway I thought that it would be good idea to write a guide to help people to find these amazing creatures.

Puss moth caterpillar zoomed

And then hopefully armed with all the required information, you can then go out on an adventure to find them.

They look and sound so fascinating if a little bit scary….

Word Of Warning for Puss moth Caterpillars

The Puss moth Caterpillar can spray formic acid at you if you really annoy it, so be really careful when handing them.

When and where can you find the Puss moth Caterpillars?

They can be found on Willow, Aspen and Popular trees.

In the UK the caterpillar’s are usually around from July – September, but there may be some variation in this, due to different weather across the country.

The pupae overwinters on a tree and is very well camouflaged. It disuses itself as part of the tree that is it on. It does this by using bits of bark to cover its cocoon, so that it looks like part of a tree or branch.

The moth then hatches out in May. So you could catch a Puss Moth and hopefully it will lay some eggs and you can rear the young.

Another option is the hunt down the eggs. Apparently they are usually laid in pairs, but you could find many pairs on one leaf if your lucky. The eggs are button shaped and a dark red / brown colour…

Happy hunting.


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