Pink Grasshopper

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Surly Pink Grasshoppers don’t exist

Most people have experienced the magic of catching grasshoppers while growing up.

I remember there was green ones and black and white ones and then there was

the Pink one….

Did you know that there are Pink Grasshoppers in the UK?

I had totally forgotten, until I went hunting for them with my then 4 year old daughter.

We managed to find a green one and a grey one and a tan colored one, and then a distant memory popped into my head about catching the elusive Pink Grasshopper.  I immediately thought that I was just making it up.  surely….

Then as we were about to go home I saw one, and my daughter got really excited about it.

After a bit of frantic running arround, we managed to catch it.  I managed to find an old plastic bottle that somebody had thrown away (rubbish can be handy sometimes).  Put some grass in it and took it home.  I have to admit, I was probably more excited than my child.

Taking the Pink Grasshopper to school

My daughter took it into pre-school the next day.  This caused quite a bit of excitment from most of the children.  Except for one boy who said “it’s only a grasshopper”.

That may be true, but its a pink one!

Pink Grasshopper

Pink Grasshopper


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