Marbles On Oak Tree’s | Gall Wasp.

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Gall WaspI remember seeing round marble size balls on oak tree’s as a child and liked to pick them, but didn’t really know what they were!

There was sometimes a little hole in the side….

It was the gall wasp all along

It was only in more recent years that I found out these were wasp galls.   What I find really interesting about these galls is how are they formed in the first place?

Its the sort of thing we just accept when we are young, but these galls dont just appear out of nowhere do they….

Now we know that pearls come from a oyster and they start to form within the oyster due to a little piece of sand or stone getting into the shell.

This causes an irritation to the animal and to stop itself from feeling it, it starts to cover it with a hard substance, over time these pearls grow and they are then collected by divers for their worth.

How does the Gall Wasp stimulate the tree to produce a gall

It got me thinking that maybe a similar technique is used by the gall wasp to produce the galls?

Does the gall wasp create a irritation that drives the Oak tree to put a protection around it?

Well I would expect that it has something to do with the female wasp laying the eggs within the flesh of the oak tree and this process sets off a chain of events that stimulates the tree to start creating a gall.



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