Jumping Zebra On Vertical Walls : Zebra Spider.

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There is a common spider than is a particular favorited of mine.

Its called the Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus).  Is it a small spider and black and white in colour as its name suggests.

Zebra Spider

Zebra Spider

Now what I find amazing about this spider, is its ability to jump….

Making the zebra spider jump

If you harass the spider by putting a finger close to it, it will most probably jump out of the way.

Not only can it jump while on a flat surface, it can also jump while climbing a vertical wall and quite happily land on its eight feet further down the wall!

As small as this spider is, it is a hunting spider and therefore goes looking for it’s prey.  It has been known to catch prey much larger than itself.

I seem to remember one making a web (in a bottle top) but don’t quote me on that.  Normally you will encounter them climbing a wall or fence looking for something to jump onto and eat.

The Zebra Spider has Strong Legs

If you look at the legs of this the zebra spider, you don’t see anything that is different from any other spider. It certainly doesn’t have legs like a Grasshopper.

Now does the Zebra Spider do it?

So how does it manage to jump so well? It obviously has very powerful legs, but I will have to leave it to the scientists to explain how and where it stores up all this energy, that enables it to leap like a frog.


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