Insect Hunters Kit

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What if you are about to go on an expedition you will need to have your special kit at the ready to capture and then identify your catch.

While most insects in the UK are totally harmless, some will give you a bite or a sting, it all depends on how you handle them and how careful you are.

So what will you need? Now if does depend on the type of hunting that you are going to do.  But here is a general list of things that will equip you to catch and then help you identify your spoils if you really go on a long rambling trip, outside your own garden!

insect hunters kit list

  1. A small book on insects or some identification charts.
  2. A note pad, with some pens / pencils, if you want to sketch an insect in its natural location. Or write down what you have found.
  3. A magnifying glass or portable microscope.
  4. A pair of tweezers to pick an insect up.
  5.  A couple of small containers so you either observe your catch or take it home to look after. Like in the case of caterpillars.
  6. A camera if you want to take pictures.
  7. A butterfly net  or a fishing net for water insects.
  8. A pair of Good walking shoe’s. Sometimes you will be doing a lot of walking around.
  9. Some sun glasses.
  10. Plenty of patience.

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