Giant Slug In My Workshop

June 27th, 2011 by Ray Burman Leave a reply »

Giant slug ahoy

Now if you are a keen gardener you will at some time or another have had to protect your precious crops from the common garden slug.

There are various methods that you can use to dispel the enemy:-

Methods of winning against the slug

There’s the simply pick the slug up and throw them away method.

Or the blue pellets, which can also poison other animals in the garden and also your pets, so not always a favorited.

Then there is the method of putting egg shells around the bass of your plants, which the slugs don’t like, as it feels unconformable for their poor foot.

Then there is a more fast acting methods of salt, which looks like a agonizing way to go.

And finally an even faster acting, electrocution solution. Where you strategically put a electric fence around all access points, to your plants. This doesn’t actually kill the slugs, but the little shock (9 volts or so) is enough to stop them in their tracks.

Now all these methods will ensure your plants are safeguarded pretty well. If you use a combination of these solutions you will be slug and snail free for that matter.

However my problem wasn’t in my garden but in my workshop…. At first I just couldn’t understand what was causing all the slime trails everywhere around my lovely clean workshop, as obvious as it was…

I didn’t really want to leave loads of toxic chemicals around my house as I have a young child and at the time a house rabbit.

Finding the slug

So I decided to stay up very late to see where they were actually coming from. It would be quite obvious in the end, but didn’t know that this giant slug was living there!

The culprit was living in a small drainage pipe. What I couldn’t understand is how the slug got to be there as it is effectively in my house…

The real surprise though was the size of the slug. It is a orange and brown mottled colour and about 5 inches in length. I am unsure how long slugs live for, but this slug must have been very mature?

I have to admit it gave me the creeps thinking that this giant slug was crawling around while me and my family slept at night.

Now what else lurks in the shadows, waiting to be found…..


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