False Widow In Disguise

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Poisonous False widow spider

Everybody has heard about the black widow spider, and its the stuff of nightmares as this spider can kill. So I was quite surprised to hear that there’s is a colony of False widow spiders in the UK. In fact after doing some research there are actually 6 species of false widow in the UK!

But this particular one (Steatoda nobilis) is the most venomous spider living wild in the UK.

This False widow has quite a bite to it

Before you start to panic, its not a killer (nobody have ever been killed in the UK from a spider bite), but does have a bite that’s worst than a common wasp and the venom is very fast acting.

For its size it has a rather large pair of fangs in comparison to other species! So this allows it to pack quite a punch!

So if you see any of these, you will need to contact your local counsel and ensure any animals or pets are kept well away!

If you or your family are unlucky enough to get bitten you will need to keep a close eye on the reactions. It does depend on how much venom has been injected into your system, but if have any pains in your chest or chronic local pain or feel nausea you are best to be safe and take a visit to your local hospital.

Identifying the false widow

While the false widow does look very similar to it’s deadly cousin the black widow. The false widow doesn’t have the characteristic red spot, and has a bulbous brown abdomen with some light markings on it.

The spiders apparently made their way to England via a boat and were then first found in the south west of the UK 100 years ago.

They make tangled webs and live in tree bark and fences and will eat other insects and at times other spiders.

They are apparently moving both eastwards and northwards, thanks to some milder winters, so this is something for all of us to look forward to on the east and eventually north of the country….Not



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