Earthworms Fear Drowning?

June 5th, 2011 by Ray Burman Leave a reply »

If you have ever walked across a sodden lawn or meadow, you may have heard something moving below the ground with every step you make…

Earthworms below

Do not worry these aren’t the worms from the film Tremors but Earthworms.  In any square meter of soil there can be hundreds of them.

These Earthworms have been disturbed by your footsteps.  Try it the next time you go for a walk on wet grass.  Stop and bang your foot down hard.  You should be able to hear hundreds of these worms moving all at once!

Don’t panic the poor earthworms

This foot stomping however can cause the worms to panic, and some of the earthworms will most probably come to the surface.  I not sure what causes this behavior, but I am sure I read somewhere it was due to them thinking they are going to drown!

While people can be a bit squeamish when it comes to earthworms, I think its all that wiggling. I find them really interesting. Considering how many there actually are under the soil, you don’t tend to see them all that much.

Earthworms are strong

They definitely are very strong for there size, have you ever tried to put one out of its hole, when it come up to the surface? If it’s a rather large worm it can be almost impossible to pull them out. Unless you want to pull the poor thing in half!

The good news but depending on where the break is the worm can regenerate and go on to live a normal life.


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