Coordinated Mass Evacuation – Ant Day.

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We all remember Ant Day don’t we?

Have you ever heard of something when you were growing up called Ant Day?  Its a day that I remember as a boy when all the ants nests in my area came to life…

It is always in a summer afternoon and usually very hot or humid. Its when all the ants nests release there Kings and Queens ants to start new colonies.

The queen ants are far bigger than the kings.  The kings are very spindly.

Ant day cometh

Its a time of feasting for all the birds and other animals. and due to this the ant’s know that they need plenty of numbers, so that they ensure that some survive all the predators out to eat them.

What I find interesting is the black ants go first and the orange ants go after…

Why this should be the case I don’t know, as you would think all leaving the nest together would be the best policy, down to sheer numbers.

I remember as a kid that when all the ants were about to leave the nest, my mum would go out into the garden with boiling water to kill them all. She didn’t understand about ant day and that within a short period of time all the ants would have either flown the nest or gone back underground.

Ant day another year

It used to upset me, as she didn’t understand that I really enjoyed watching the ants fly away from their nests to start new homes, but there was always another year.



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