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It could be a Mimic insect

Now if you are one of these people that don’t like wasps or bee’s, then just hearing a buzzing sound can be enough to send you into a blind panic.  Your not going to stop to ask any questions.

In many cases however its neither of these but actually a Mimic insect

One of the most common mimic’s that you will encounter in the UK is the humble hover fly. They are pollen loving fly’s, and like other fly’s are forever in search for a food source and therefore have an annoying habit of finding a way into your home.

Now these mimic insect’s can have very similar warning colours to that of a wasp, namely yellow.  And therefore can be quite hard to distinguish from the real thing.  Now there are a couple of ways that you can identify if this is going to sting you or not….If you can get close enough.

Fly’s tend to have much larger eyes and pronounced eyes, You can see here that the eyes of this particular species of hover fly (the one on the left) are a burgundy colour.

Where as the eye’s of the wasp are quite small, smooth in comparison and black in colour.

All fly’s, bee’s and wasp’s have what is known as a compound eye.  This is a type of eye that is made up of many individual photo receptive parts to create the final image.

Mimic insect’s are all noise but no sting

They do buzz a lot, but Mimic insect’s are totally harmless (please beleave me)


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