Black Ants

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Black ants nests in my Garden

I remember while growing up I had a particular interest in watching ants. I knew the location of nearly every ants nest in my garden. And my garden was quite big (about 90 feet long). The Black Ants were more abundant and active than the orange ants, so I mainly watched these.

Black Ants about to start a new colony

During the summer months, I knew it was only a matter of time before what we called ‘Ant Day‘ would occour see Coordinated Mass Evacuation

Now birds also new that the ants were soon to leave the nest so they were watching a waiting for the event to occur so they could have a temporary feast.

There was one particular black ants nest that I used to like watching the most and because I was on my knees studying the nest the birds wouldn’t come close. This is when I observed something quite amazing….

Black Ants felt safe

Due to my presence every flying King and Queen, decided that it was safe so they all came out of the nest. I had to stay very still and breath very gently to not disturb them. I have never to this day seen this happen before. It was quite an amazing thing to see.

Thankfully my mum never came out with her kettle of boiling water to end my observations. I could never get her to understand that if you just left them alone they would just disperse and fly away!

I would say that at the time I felt that I was really connected to these little creatures in some way, and I like to think that they sensed that….

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