Back yard oasis

Much of the information that I have put together in Cuckoo spit have been my own observations.

The vast majority of articles that I have written have been from experiences around my own back yard or local area… And this is what makes hunting and observing insects very interesting to me. You just don’t have to go far to find some very interesting things to study.

Spend time observing in your back yard

Back yard


As it is with all of nature, the more time you spend watching these creatures the more new things you will find out about them. And there are plenty of new things that are found about what you would call common insects, every single day.

For instance did your know that the common earth worm may be good for aerating the soil, but they are not so good for new seeds that are germinating, they will actually eat the new sprout of the seed while its under the ground and sometimes kill it in the process!

Back yard expeditions

This has got me thinking about how I can encourage people to go on there own mini expeditions in their back yards, and see what they can find.  It’s a great thing to do for children and all the family you will learn a  whole load of new things as well.   See Insect Hunters Kits

With our easy access to mobile phones, most adults and many children now have easy access to camera / video recorder in there pockets at all times, so there is no reason to not capture some of these insects in digital form, for you to later look up on the internet, or print them off and proudly display them.

Back yard diversity

I think most people would be amazed at the diversity of insects and macro fauna that can be found right under our noses.

Each Back yard or garden will have many different micro environments and each one of these will contain a different set of insects, it dosnt matter how small the yard it, there will always be something to find. You may even observe some behavior that has either never been seen before or has never been recorded.

And if you don’t have a garden, then it’s off to a green space or park where there will potentially be even more diversity.  But I assure you that you will start to notice more and more  insects right under you very nose.

Happy hunting

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