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Ooooowwwwwww look at this funny thing on the window….its got long dangly things at the front….Do you think it can bite?…

Now these are some of responses you get from people when they see one of these insects for the first time, and usually in the summer months. It one of my favorites, because to me it looks so amazing.

I particularly like their long antennae, which is longer than there bodies!

This insect is very well camouflaged when in a green bush or tree and that is probably why you don’t see them more often.

It’s a speckled Bush cricket!

Not a grasshopper or a locust, but a cricket!

Bush Cricket

You may find one of these in your garden over the summer

There are quite a few types of crickets in the UK, but this species is one that you will probably see most often ( I could be wrong here)

The bush cricket  like’s exploration, and that is why they have a habit of finding there way into your porch or kitchen on a warm summers night and then cant find their way out again.

Bush crickets are harmless

Don’t worry as strange as they may look, they are quite harmless, so carefully coax the cricket into a container of some type and let it go in your garden.

Handling the Bush cricket

But be careful handling them, because like other types of Crickets or grasshoppers they can quite easily loose a leg!

The good news is, if the Cricket is still young, it has the ability to grow back a leg!

small speckled bush cricket

Juvenile speckled bush cricket


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