A Solitary Bee

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While growing up in the southeast of London, I would often play in the alley way that ran along the back of our road, so people could put there cars away in there garages.

I spent a whole load of time over the years in this alley and I therefore new almost every inch of it.  One thing I do remember is a noticing a bee or wasp going in and out of a small hole in a fence post.

What I couldn’t understand was, if it was a bee, why was there only one.  Everybody knows that bee’s are socal insects and dont live alone….

Solitary bee

Solitary bee

Well I watched this insect for a long while and I only ever saw one of them.  But I really enjoyed observing my single bee.  It was like my own little bee hive, even if it was a small one.

It wasn’t until much later after doing some reading that I realized that there were some species of bee’s that were in fact solitary.  And they like to find holes to make a nest in and feed there single grub.

The moral of this story is you don’t have to understand everything, but hopefully you might learn a little bit each day, and things may become clearer over time.

Keep observing!

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