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It is my intent to give each visitor to this site new insights into the fascinating world of insects and even smaller life forms.

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While we all know something about these creatures, what we seldom realize is the

cuckoo spit

Can you see the bug?

intricate interactions and interdependent relationships that are going on around us all the time.

It is my hope that Cuckoo Spit will shed some light on these amazing insects in a new way.

Please follow me on a new journey of discovery.  If you are like me and you get hooked, you will start to view these little creatures in another way.

You will start to realize that everything is dependent on something else and the real truth behind the butterfly effect….

There is always something new to discover.  So If you take the time to stop and actually look and listen you may have the amazing opportunity to observe something  that no other human has ever witnessed before!

Cuckoo Spit will show you a world full of both communication and incredible vibrant colors.  A world of defense and attack and a world of stealth and amazing disguise.  There really is another world right in-front of us, lets start to look at it together.

Current insect family tree

Current insect family

You don’t have to wait until the weather is perfect, you can start right now by looking in your own backyard or garden!  Every season will bring out its own unique gem’s so keep an ever watchful eye.

See feature > Back yard oasis

Happy hunting

Ray Burman – Cuckoo spit – January 2012


  1. Angie says:

    Hi Ray,
    I have a photo of two `insects` on Oak, not sure whether they are beetles or froghoppers….. when disturbed they did ` jump`. Can I post you a photo for positve ID please ?

    • Ray Burman says:


      Sorry for the slow reply. If you still have the pictures I would be really interested. If not thanks for the interest.


    • Ray Burman says:


      I would be very interested to see this picture, if you still have it.


  2. Ian Petch says:

    Μακρω or Μικρω;
    A fascinating and informative site, but I was much puzzled by the sub-title:
    “Dedicated to insects and macro-fauna in the UK”
    Is this true? or merely a typo for “micro”?

  3. Danielle says:

    Hey I have a picture of a hummingbird hawk moth if you’re interested in putting it up.

    • Ray Burman says:


      I would be very interested to see this picture, if its still available.


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